Metal Plaque Design


Metal Plaque fabricated with mild steel and aluminium, with copper guilding and metal printing. The design printed on the metal is handpainted.

The main inspiration for this project came from Stoclet Frieze, which is a series of mosaics created by Gustav Klimt for the Palais Stoclet in Brussels.

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"Building a Dream"


Arts & Culture

Equality & Diversity

Growth & Learning


Plaque Symbolism

Tree symbolises strength, as well as growth. It also emconpasses environment and our ability to adapt to different events in space and time. The branches of the tree are interconnected and complex, just as events in life. Few of the branches at the top of the tree are mathemetically accurate golden ratios, which have been used numerous times by great artists such as Leonardo da Vinci. It is an amalgamation of art, science and nature. The figures of children looking up to the tree are taking part in a unique learning concept whilst establishing their identity as individuals.